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Section C - Day 2: Revisiting

The next day takes me through more beautiful scenery, and more rain. The day begins with a steep 450 metre climb up a brushed-over barely-there trail hung with branches at their maximum-water holding capacity. I go through the carwash, again. It clears up at the top and, soaked again, I cross the continental divide and enter Banff park. I’m now on the section of the GDT that I did 3 years ago, and it’s incredible to revisit this time.

On the Te Araroa, we called non-thru-hikers Muggle Hikers. It’s pretty cool to revisit my muggle hiker days, now, on my second thru hike. The trail seems unbelievably easy now, but I remember before, with my way-too-heavy pack and my less-than-smart gear, struggling down these same trails. It takes me less than half the time it took me to hike the same distance as before and my mind revisits that time of my life. First falling in love with my now live-in partner (who by the way is a remarkable human and an amazing herbalist and you should peep her private practice here at, pre New-Zealand, still living in Toronto. It’s amazing how much a person can grow in 3 years, and how much of a difference life makes between late-twenties and early-thirties.

The weather clears up a bit and I have a super enjoyable hike on easy trail. I’m even able to dry out my gear! That night I camp at a lovely official Banff Park campsite and chat with some nice american dudes on a big trip throughout the Canadian rockies after graduating college.

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