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Section C - Days 7 and 8: A Happy Blur.

Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Like my earlier days of utter misery, days of joy also blur together in my memory. Writing this post a week later, my last two days of Section C are just a happy blur of sunshine, gorgeous views, strong legs, a light pack, and delight with the plants and animals around me.

I don't connect much with the other people in the campsites during this time. I am feeling so content with solitude and with the creatures around me, I don't feel much need to talk with other hikers. Plus, the conversations have become pretty formulaic as people pepper me with the same questions. I answer: Yes, alone. About 1300km. About 30k/day. Sorry I don't know how much my pack weighs - maybe 17lbs not including food?. No I'm mostly not too scared of the bears, I make a lot of noise. Mostly ramen noodles and cheese.

My feet are dry, and they stay dry, the high mountains are beautiful, and the walking is easy. I go up and down in elevation, feeling like I'm moving back and forth in time. Here in the valley the strawberry plants are putting out their first red fruit, here on the pass they are just flowering, here in the middle the flowers turn to white pips. Here the lilies are green seedpods, here they are as yellow and vibrant as ever. I feel like I'm moving from spring to summer and back again as I climb and descend, climb and descend.

Eventually I leave the busy area and walk out to the highway. I hitch in to Field, and there on the side of the road, not 2k ahead of where I got my hitch, is Brownbag! He gets into town a bit after me and we share a motel room and splurge on fancy charcuterie. It tastes so good we can't even deal. We are drinking beer fast in the hot sun, laughing, and chatting. Thru-hiking is simple, it is gratitude, and this is exactly where I want to be.

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